Paima Black Umbrella Base


Buyer beware on this one. I’m having a very different experience from most and can’t get this to stay upright to save my life, even in a slight breeze. I weighe...  More
Margaret W.
Verified Owner
4 months ago - Minneapolis, MN

Response From Article

Hi Margaret, We're very sorry to hear that your Paima Umbrella Base is not up to expectations. This is not the kind of experience we want for our customers. I...  More
Does the job nicely 
Bridget D.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - Fernandina Beach, FL
Our Paima umbrella base has a contemporary, clean look that fits under my patio table perfectly. The weight holds my 9 1/2 ft. umbrella securely even if the um...  More
June K.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - Saratoga, CA
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