Ballo Oval Dining Table for 6


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Still holding up! 
Alex K.
Verified Owner
9 months ago - Palm Springs, CA
I have owned my table for about a year. I love the style and it is well made. But I have to agree with the other reviews about its tendency to stain. I had a ru...  More
Shari W.
Verified Owner
10 months ago - Phoenix, AZ

Response From Article

Hello Shari, we’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue with your Ballo table. This doesn’t sound up to the standards we set for ourselves or our produc...  More
Major manufacturing defects with the legs of this table. So bad that I am surprised these defects were missed and the legs were shipped. The mounting holes were...  More
Alyssa C.
Verified Owner
11 months ago - Summerville, SC

Response From Article

Hi Alyssa, we're truly sorry to hear that your Ballo Table arrived with these issues. We're glad to see that someone from our team has reached out to look into ...  More
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