Beta Summit Gray Corner Module

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The piece looks great however, it is very uncomfortable for sitting any length of time beyond a few minutes. The pillows flatten out after you’ve been against ...  More
Rikki H.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - Gallatin, TN

Response From Article

Hello Rikki, We're sorry to hear that the Beta Modular Sofa didn't live up to your expectations but we’re glad to see that you spoke with our Customer Care team...  More
Turned my sectional into two couches! Love this modular corner piece and highly recommend this instead of a side. Your arrangements are limitless! 
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Heather B.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Scottsdale, AZ
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For my wife and I this quickly became our favorite TV viewing spot. Also great for naps and guests needing a spot to crash for the night. My only complaints ar...  More
Jonathan B.
Verified Owner
1 month ago - Goleta, CA
Needed a chair that fit a corner, and this chair fits the space so well! I wanted something that would use the space well, while also being comfortable. This ch...  More
Christiane T.
Verified Owner
2 months ago - Dartmouth, NS
I bought the “new white” fabric because I was told it was easier to care and they had fixed their prior issues. This is my 3rd white sofa and the only one I hav...  More
Thumbnail of Beta Quartz White Right Arm Module provided by Jennie - 1 of 1.
Jennie j.
Verified Owner
2 months ago - San Francisco, CA

Response From Article

Hi Jennie, We're so sorry to hear that the Beta isn't living up to your expectations. We're truly sorry to hear it has not held up the way that you had anticipa...  More
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