Regis Yarrow Gold Lounge Chair


We love this chair! Looks great in our living room. However, it is really disappointing that we cannot get the ottoman to go with it even though it is showcased...  More
Sarah P.
Verified Owner
8 months ago - Worthington, OH
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We have this chair a bit more then one month, so disappointed, material become so wrinkled and cushion not firm anymore. We love the look and design, bit qualit...  More
Thumbnail of Regis Juniper Green Lounge Chair provided by Benjamin  - 1 of 1.
Benjamin L.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - Greenville, SC

Response From Article

Hi Benjamin, we're sorry to hear that the Regis Lounge Chair isn't living up to expectations. It looks like our Customer Care team has been in touch to look int...  More
I love the look of these chairs, but I'm already regretting them after less than a week. The chair is beautiful, however does not stand up to kids. The fabric...  More
Julie F.
Verified Owner
8 months ago - Chicago, IL

Response From Article

Hello Julie, we’re sorry to hear that your Regis chair is not up to your expectation. Since you are still within 30 days satisfaction guarantee period, you can ...  More
Gorgeous chair and pretty comfortable however the fabric isn’t holding up, and we’ve only had them for a few months. It scratches easily (it’s a thinner fragile...  More
Nicole K.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Calgary, AB

Response From Article

Hi Nicole, We're sorry to hear that the Regis Chair isn't living up to expectations. Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly to look into this f...  More
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