Rama Black 21" Table Lamp

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The lamp base arrived with scratches caused by the packing cardboard which tells me that the surface of the base is inferior. Instead of a fired ceramic glaze w...  More
Carolyn M.
Verified Owner
9 months ago - Eugene, OR

Response From Article

Hi Carolyn, we're sorry to hear your Rama lamp arrived with this issue - this definitely doesn't look up to the standards we set for ourselves and our products....  More
Beautiful… Timeless lamp. Just not as shown . The shade is not White…. It’s more of a beige/ Sandy colour. But very happy with it. 
Rosa P.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Winnipeg, MB
Shade is not white as shown; it is grayish and darker. Also, the shade shipped with lamp had black marks inside. Disappointing. 
Lynn R.
Verified Owner
2 years ago - Saint Petersburg, FL

Response From Article

Hi Lynn, We're so sorry to hear that your Rama Lamp arrived with marks on the inside of the shade, this doesn't sound right. Someone from our team will be in to...  More
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