Chantel Antique Ivory Dining Armchair


Good chair 
Yvonne G.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - Victoria, BC
i only knock it down one star because of the color, i thought it would be more on a ivory but it’s a little darker tones. But we still love the way it looks. th...  More
Thumbnail of Chantel Antique Ivory Dining Armchair provided by Mari - 1 of 1.
Mari W.
Verified Owner
7 months ago - Las Vegas, NV
The chair looks very nice and feels good while seating but the arms are quite low and you could almost get away with ordering the chair without the arms. It's s...  More
Yash B.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Brampton, ON

Response From Article

Hi Yash, We're sorry to hear that the Chanel Chair isn't living up to expectations. As you are still within your 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you are still el...  More
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