Svelti Begonia Orange Dining Chair


They’re fine 
Stephanie M.
Verified Owner
1 month ago - Los Angeles, CA

Response From Article

Hi Stephanie, We're very sorry to hear that your Svelti Dining Chairs didn't arrive up to expectations. This is not the kind of experience we want for our cus...  More
As some other reviewers stated, they are high for me, at 5'6"  
Paul L.
Verified Owner
2 months ago - Madison, CT
The paint on these faded after being in the sun for a few weeks. Don’t purchase the colored ones if they will be exposed to the sun at all. Stick with white. Th...  More
Thumbnail of Svelti Begonia Orange Dining Chair provided by Apri - 1 of 1.
Apri C.
Verified Owner
8 months ago - Mission Viejo, CA

Response From Article

Hi Apri. We're sorry to hear you're experiencing fading with your Svelti chairs. Our Svelti chairs are great for the outdoors as they are UV resistant. As they ...  More
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