Rutbeek Coast Black Umbrella


Gorgeous umbrella. Excellent quality!  
Caren D.
Verified Owner
4 months ago - Flushing, NY
Terrible product and even worse customer service to get the issue resolved. Ordered the product at the start of the summer in 2022. Article delayed the shipping...  More
Claire H.
Verified Owner
4 months ago - Hiwassee , VA

Response From Article

Hello Claire, we are sorry to hear about the condition of your Rutbeek Coast Black Umbrella and we definitely understand your frustration. It looks like our Cus...  More
Similar to other reviews, I received an umbrella that did not fit into the base suggested for it (Paima). I'm assuming the unit I received was defective — as it...  More
Carly M.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - Squamish, BC

Response From Article

Hi Carly, we're so sorry to hear about your experience with the Rutbeek Coast Black Umbrella. We're glad to see that a member from our Care team was able to set...  More
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The umbrella looks great, but like the other review mentions, it also doesn’t fit into the umbrella base I have. I reached out to customer support, and was told...  More
Thumbnail of Rutbeek Coast Taupe Umbrella provided by Luka - 1 of 2.
Thumbnail of Rutbeek Coast Taupe Umbrella provided by Luka - 2 of 2.
Luka W.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Newport Beach, CA

Response From Article

Hi Luka, We're sorry to hear that you've having this issue with your Rutbeek Umbrella - that sounds frustrating! Someone from our Care team will be reaching bac...  More
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