Ballo Round Dining Table


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Looks amazing but is EXTREMELY hard to clean. This deters me from using the table as much as I'd like.  
Jessica H.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - Cary, NC

Response From Article

Hi Jessica, we're sorry to hear that the Ballo Dining Table is not living up to expectations. Someone from our Care team will be in touch with you shortly to lo...  More
Table has multiple blistered areas on the top. Table was in use in covered lanai for 4 months out of the year and then put away inside. Table is less than 2 1...  More
Thumbnail of Ballo Round Dining Table provided by Susan - 1 of 2.
Thumbnail of Ballo Round Dining Table provided by Susan - 2 of 2.
Susan W.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Sarasota, FL

Response From Article

Hi Susan, we're so sorry to hear about the condition of your Ballo Dining table, and this doesn’t sound up to the standards we set for ourselves or our products...  More
Although I'm a fan of Article and have bought a lot of their items, this table has been disappointing. We've had it for under a year, have kept it inside instea...  More
Kimberly H.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Saugerties, NY

Response From Article

Hi Kimberly, we're sorry to hear about your experience with the Ballo Round Dining Table. We’ll ensure our Customer Care team reaches out to you shortly to look...  More
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