Braam Vintage White Sofa Bed


Still waiting to determine overall “quality” — just receive my sofa bed . . . 
Tanya B.
Verified Owner
1 month ago - New Orleans, LA
"Vintage White" is a very inaccurate name for the color of this sofa - which is more of a cream or ivory. It is not an off-white. It has strong yellow undertone...  More
Thumbnail of Braam Vintage White Sofa Bed provided by Amy - 1 of 1.
Amy N.
Verified Owner
9 months ago - Dearborn, MI

Response From Article

Hi Amy, we're so sorry to hear your Braam Sofa Bed did not arrive according to expectation. We appreciate the feedback on the color and will pass this along to our team. 
We wanted an affordable, modern, non-pullout sofa bed that would work in an office/guest room space and couldn't find anything until this- it is perfect! Looks ...  More
Sarah D.
Verified Owner
11 months ago - San Antonio, TX
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