Sven Neptune Blue Right Sectional Sofa


Beautiful appearing couch with a nice midcentury aesthetic, however the cushions break down over time. After a year, there was significantly decreased seat cush...  More
Alex W.
Verified Owner
2 months ago - San Francisco, CA

Response From Article

Hi Alexander, We're very sorry to hear that your Sven Sofa isn't up to expectations. This is not the kind of experience we want for our customers. It looks li...  More
Good, not great. Squeaks and after two years of ownership, the main cushion is ripping at the seams, where one sits and fabric is smocked to fit around the seat...  More
Thumbnail of Sven Neptune Blue Right Sectional Sofa provided by Maria - 1 of 1.
Maria R.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - Atlanta, GA

Response From Article

Hi Maria, we're sorry to hear that the Sven Sectional is not living up to expectations. It looks like someone from our Care team has been in touch to look into ...  More
love this sofa. Bought it on sale.  
Margit H.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - San Gabriel, CA
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