Rus Light Oak Dining Chair


I had to go through 3 different shipments because the chairs always had some slight damage - chips, scratches, sanding mishaps, etc. The edge of the seating ar...  More
Bryan N.
Verified Owner
1 week ago - Calgary, AB
We are constantly getting injured on the sharp corners. My kids hate them, they try to get in and out but they’re so sharp/pointed at the top edges, they are al...  More
Emily R.
Verified Owner
3 weeks ago - Bonney Lake, WA

Response From Article

Hi Emily, we apologize for the inconvenience you've faced with your Rus Dining Chairs not meeting your expectations. Such experiences do not align with our comm...  More
Beautifully and elegantly designed that will for sure last you years. Comfortable enough to enjoy a meal + linger for hours for a post meal chat! 
Verified Owner
3 weeks ago - Arcadia, CA
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