Nova Gravel Gray Reversible Sectional


There was a default in the design, I could not clip in the sectional, had to resort to zip ties to keep the furniture from not splitting apart. Bad manufacturin...  More
Nancy L.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - Montreal, QC

Response From Article

Hi Nancy, we're so sorry to hear about this. We'll make sure someone from our team reaches out to look into this for you right away. 
Gravel gray has a bluish hue and we are more of a “firm” cushion family but great value and style  
cindy l.
Verified Owner
7 months ago - Bingham Farms, MI
Looks quite stylish, but not even remotely comfortable, especially for lounging. It's quite firm, the pillows are not very fluffy, and the back is too low for a...  More
Kristen M.
Verified Owner
8 months ago - Middle Sackville, NS

Response From Article

Hello Kristen, we are sorry to hear that the Nova Gravel Gray Reversible Sectional did not live up to your expectations and we appreciate the feedback. It looks...  More
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