Nova Twilight Blue Reversible Sectional


I love the blue and the delivery was excellent. One major complaint - The plastic knobs on the tips of the legs are hard and scratched my wood floors immediatel...  More
Emily S.
Verified Owner
2 months ago - Greensboro, NC
Amazing sofa 
Chen C.
Verified Owner
3 months ago - Rockville, MD
I loved my previous article NOVA sofa -- so I was excited to get a new one. BIG MISTAKE. Here are the problems: (1) The seat cushions are not filled to capaci...  More
Suzanne P.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - New York, NY

Response From Article

Hello Suzanne, we are sorry to hear that your Nova Twilight Blue Reversible Sectional hasn't been living up to your expectations and we agree that isn't right. ...  More
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