Browse Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Bedroom Benches from Article

Modern bedroom benches are more essential to your room than you may think. Normally we associate the bedroom with, well, beds, but our personal pads can be so much more than just a spot for snoozing. At Article, our collection of mid-century benches provide a space for you to simply sit; whether it’s to tie your shoes, slip on those snazzy socks, or just to take a little moment to yourself before tackling the day. No matter what you’ll be using it for, a modern bed bench can be that extra step (or seat) to make your bedroom shine a little brighter.

Once a bench gets added to your bedroom, nobody’s going to judge you if you’re using it for more than just sitting. The beauty of Article's mid century modern bedroom bench lies within its adaptability and convenience. Need a stand for your suitcase as your prep for your next great vacation? Plop it on the bench. If you want to lay down tomorrow’s stunner of an outfit, a smart and smooth bench is just the handy helper you need. Plus, they’re naturally adept at hiding clutter, providing you with some extra space to slide some baskets or books underneath. Want to go even further? Some of our ottomans can play double duty as a bedroom bench, offering soft-close lids to store away extra blankets, clothes, or late night snacks.