Sven Briar Gray Right Sectional Sofa

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This is a decent couch. The cushions are very firm, although will likely break in over time. I dislike the material it’s very scratchy and not comfortable to lounge on.  
Patrick M.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - West Chester, OH
It’s very comfy. There is just one minor problem with it - one of the metal pieces inside the chaise that helps to attach to the main couch came off. Article di...  More
Kristie p.
Verified Owner
10 months ago - Carolina Beach, NC
It’s a gorgeous couch, however this material is super scratchy. I am a bit disappointed in that since it’s obviously not exactly an inexpensive item and exchang...  More
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Emily K.
Verified Owner
11 months ago - Fairview Park, OH

Response From Article

Hi Emily, We're sorry to hear that the Sven Sectional isn't living up to expectations. It looks like someone from our Care team has already been in touch with y...  More
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