Plumas White Oak Dining Table for 6, Extendable


Larger than I expected. Very good quality. I love my new dining table. 
Chloe W.
Verified Owner
1 week ago - Kelowna, BC
This table will last my lifetime. I'm grateful for that as it gorgeous, well made and will never be out of style. It's heavy, but easy to put together. Deliver...  More
Patrice S.
Verified Owner
2 weeks ago - Mentor, OH
Table is nice looking, but literally ANYTHING will stain it, water, food... it's a dining table for eating! So annoying. It's as if it wasn't finished or someth...  More
Nina B.
Verified Owner
2 weeks ago - Philmont, NY

Response From Article

Hi Nina, we're sorry to hear that the Plumas Dining Table isn't living up to expectations. Someone form our Care team will reach out to you shortly to see how w...  More
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