Dabo Light Oak Dining Chair


We spent a great deal of time searching for a classic dining chair that would be comfortable for my very tall husband. I am so impressed with these chairs. They...  More
Grace F.
Verified Owner
4 months ago - Aubrey, TX
Hanieh J.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - Westborough, MA
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We bought two Dabo dining chairs to sit at the head of the table, along with four Rus chairs. The combination is nice. These chairs are really comfortable (more...  More
Lauren S.
Verified Owner
2 weeks ago - Carrboro, NC
Well built and quick delivery 
John R.
Verified Owner
3 weeks ago - Mooresville, NC
I wanted to love these.. I am 140lbs and have had these for a few short months and all the chairs are separating as in the photo attached. I do not believe thes...  More
Thumbnail of Dabo Black Dining Chair provided by Aimee - 1 of 1.
Aimee R.
Verified Owner
1 month ago - Lodi, NJ

Response From Article

Hi Aimee, we're sorry to hear that the Dabo Chairs are not living up to your expectations. It looks like you have been in touch with our Customer care team and ...  More
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The Rough and Refined Bundle

Rough and refined — does a hotter combination exist? This bundle evokes a certain cowboy 'tude but with the sleek finish that behooves your dining room. The Madera table is built from solid oak and finished with a wirebrush, giving the tabletop a nicely textured finish. The Dabo chairs — also built from solid wood — feature spindled backrests and a generous seat.
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