Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Leather Chairs

Nothing says “I’ve got it together” like leather chairs. Armchair, lounge chair, dining chair, even a leather topped stool! These are just a few examples of the ways that you can express your innate togetherness. Looking for a specific “style” of personal togetherness? We’ve got you. Below, we’ve broken down exactly how to style your preferred leather chairs. Armchair If your leather chair style is one dedicated to books and cups of tea, the armchair is for you. Characterized by a high back and wide plush arms, the armchair is for snuggling into on a rainy gross day. Fabric feels nice and low key, but leather tends to lend a more discerning feeling to your space. It also puts a chic spin on a super-plush sitting situation. A nice tan goes well with just about any color scheme, while darker leathers look stunning against a light-colored backdrop. Lounge Chairs Listen: if anyone is going to split hairs about the difference between an arm and a lounge chair, it’s us. While armchairs are the sleek lounge wear of your living room, a lounger is the smoking jacket — especially as a leather chair. Lounge chairs tend to be a bit lower and a bit more design-forward: angled wooden arms, low slung seats, interesting profiles, etc etc. It’s less “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and more “Wine Atlas of the World.” Dining Chairs Though elegantly named, dining chairs are the workhorses of any home. Have you ever eaten dinner with a young family? It is a warzone. Innocent chairs are smeared with peanut butter; chairs scraped back and forth, grubby hands are plunged… everywhere. What about an adult dinner party? Similarly wild — all of the above, but with wine. Leather, while fancy-feeling and chic, is easy to treat and buff. Leather chairs for your dining table are a great option that will transition through your life phases right alongside you. Stools If a stool was a person, they’d be your low key friend who always comes over with a bag of chips in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Stools manage to look pulled together while also being really fun. I mean, they literally sit at the bar… all the time. While it might not totally qualify as a “leather chair,” we personally don’t care. A gorgeous leather-topped stool is the upgrade your counter has been waiting for.  Leather chairs are a fast track option to an upgraded space. Luckily, we’ve got the options to satisfy your arm/lounge/dining/stool needs. Explore our selection and find the piece that is perfect for your home — however you plan to use it.

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